im April

Suzanne Knowles: Fox Dancing


Tall as a floxglove spire, on tiptoe

The fox in the wilderness dances;

His pelt and burnished claws reflect

The sun´s and the moon´s glances.


From blackberry nose to pride of tail

He is elegant, he is gay;

With his pawsteps as a pattern of joy

He transfigures the day.


For a hat he wears a rhurbarb leaf

To keep his thinking cool,

Through which his fur-lined ears prick up.

The fox, he is no fool


And does not give a good-morning

For the condition of his soul:

With the fox dancing in the desert

Study to be whole.



aus: The Rattle Bag. Edited by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes

Faber and Faber, London and Boston 1982



im März

Richard Pietraß: Physik



Die Wahrheit ist ein Gefängnis ohne Mauern


Der Himmel ist blau von gespaltenem Licht


Auf gespanntem Wasser schwimmt noch die Nadel


Die Liebe verwandelt Blut in Freude


Freiheit spür ich im Fall



aus: Weltkind. Gedichte. Reclam, Leipzig 1990



im Februar

Lavinia Greenlaw: The Spirit of the Staircase


In our game of flight, half-way down
was as near mid-air as it got: a point
of no return we'd fling ourselves at
over and over, riding pillows or trays.
We were quick to smooth the edge
of every step, grinding the carpet to glass
on which we'd lose our grip.
The new stairs were our new toy,
the descent to an odd extension,
four new rooms at flood level
in a sunken garden — a wing
dislocated from a hive. Young bees
with soft stripes and borderless nights,
we'd so far been squared away
in a twin-set of bunkbeds, so tight-knit,
my brother and I once woke up finishing
a conversation begun in a dream.
It had been the simplest exchange,
one I'd give much to return to:
the greetings of shadows unsurprised
at having met beneath the trees
and happy to set off again, alone,
back into the dark.



im Januar

Christian Morgenstern: Das Mondschaf


Das Mondschaf sagt sich selbst gut Nacht,

d.h., es wurde überdacht

von seinem eignen Denker:

Der übergibt dies alles sich

mit einem kurzen Federstrich

als seinem eignen Henker.



aus: Sämtliche Galgenlieder. manesse im dtv, München 1995